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[GET] Joe Turner - Job Search Secrets Unlocked
[Image: 097798043X.jpg]

Get Ready to Get Noticed And Get Interviews. Here's Why:

You'll learn what a USP is and why you need to have a great one available on the tip of your tongue before you talk with ANYBODY. You'll find out how to easily make a great USP that impresses the most jaded interviewers and you'll always be ready for those times you meet a new referral or receive a sudden phone screen.

Here's another gem you'll learn: Most people register with Monster? and other online resume posting datasites according to their directions. And they sit and wait for the phone to ring. And wait... and wait... and wait!

Instead, I'll show you how to use a top-drawer recruiter's directions and have prospective employers sit up and take notice of your resume. Use this more effective way to register that will get your resume selected and put on the "possible" stack to be called by employers who would ordinarily never see your resume.

How about this: did you know that there are four common objections that can kill your search from the start? Direct from the best headhunters you'll find a simple and effective way to turn each of them into either an interview or a new lead.

Recruiter's often subscribe to online corporate research services such as Hoovers? Online, and Thomasnet?, to locate a wealth of information on companies either in town or across the world. Here's the rub: it would cost you as much as $5000.00, but guess what? ?I've located a monthly service that can give you all the information you need for only thirty bucks a month giving you names and phone numbers of the managers for virtually every company in any industry you care to find. I'll show you where.

Hey, here's another one! Using a corporate marketer's secret you can download one simple, free tool to Easily Widen Your Prospective Employer List by 10-fold, 15-fold, even 20-fold and locate dozens of TARGETED new companies You Can Contact. Spending as little as 30 minutes of your time, you?ll pinpoint the companies that are right for you while cutting down on hours of wasted research!

I'll also tell you how to use those Want Ads like a recruiter does to tap into dozens of possible hidden jobs! What would you give to find yourself in the enviable position of being the only applicant for the job you really want with no other competition?

OK, NOBODY likes rejection...but I'll give you an easy way that makes rejection work in Your Favor simply by knowing the One Last Question to Always Ask for those times when you reach a dead end and put new momentum in your job search.

re-upload this please. link working fine but the file is corrupt.

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